Community Programs

The Ecological Design process is applied to creating effective programs to achieve specific outcomes for a site, group, or purpose. Program Development can take several forms and include multiple components such as proposal writing, research, strategic partnerships, pilot programs, budget development, and specific program content, guidelines, processes and/or documents. Terrasophia works closely with clients to design appropriate programs to meet their needs and goals in a realistic timeline.

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Program Packages

  1. Technical Assistance Programs
  2. Rebates and Subsidies
  3. Public Awareness and Outreach
  4. Integrated Water Harvesting
  5. Watershed Friendly Landscapes
  6. Watershed Regeneration
  7. Permaculture Design
  8. Workforce Development

Custom Options

Terrasophia is available to customize a program package to meet  your specific needs for content, length, etc. Please contact Jeff to discuss your needs and goals.