Consultations are available to help you better understand your project specific opportunities and constraints while providing a starting point for our work together.  Consultations can take a variety of focuses and formats and typically last from 1.5 hours to multiple days, depending on the needs and goals of the client, size of property, and scope of the project. In some cases a consultation is all that is needed to help you keep going with your projects, other times the consultation is a launching point to additional services. We work with you to meet your needs.

Our initial consultation is designed to provide an orientation to the particulars of your site, explore a specific site feature or challenge, and/or discuss your education or program development needs. This meeting informs the development of a proposal for the most effective way to proceed with our work together.

Pre-purchase Property Assessments

The decision to purchase property is a major commitment and investment. Terrasophia works with prospective buyers to identify what they want in their future property, and then visits potential properties with clients to provide an initial assessment of the challenges and opportunities to meet their goals based on the site's conditions.