About Jeff Adams

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Jeff Adams is founder and principal of TerraSophia LLC. Jeff builds capacity to regenerate the health of our watersheds by engaging community members through hands-on education projects and ecological design-build services.  He has a depth of experience in water harvesting educational training programs and brings a practical and integrated approach to each project with nearly 20 years of experience in various aspects of construction and landscape trades, including 16 years as a certified Permaculture Designer.

Jeff has collaborated with a variety of non-profits, public agencies, schools, businesses, and individuals to raise awareness and build skills for regenerative living. He has traveled extensively around the United States and beyond, teaching, designing, managing projects, and collaborating with many leaders in the field. Jeff holds a self-designed Bachelor of Science degree at Humboldt State University in Indigenous Technology, which he coined as the practical application of knowledge of a place to help meet the needs of that place, including all its inhabitants. Jeff is an EPA WaterSense partner, UT On-site waste water level 2, and Licensed contractor.

Jeff's range of experience includes:

  • Executive Director of Canyonlands Watershed Council, UT

  • Board President and Co-Founder of the Resiliency Hub, Moab, UT

  • Program Manager for Watershed Management Group's Santa Barbara Water Harvesting Program, CA

  • Water Sustainability Coordinator for the 10,000 Rain Gardens Pilot Program, a partnership between the Salmon Protection and Watershed Network (SPAWN) and Marin Municipal Water District, CA

  • Instructor for the American Rainwater catchment System’s Association’s (ARCSA) Accredited Professional training

  • Instructor for G3 - the Green Garden Group's Water Efficiency Professional training program for Generation Water, CA

  • Watershed restoration field surveying, education, and implementation, Quivira Coalition, Carson National Forest, NM

  • Co-Director of the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology, Humboldt State University, CA

  • Guest Instructor at Utah State University, University of New Mexico, University of California - Berkeley Extension, Santa Barbara City College Center for Lifelong Learning, and Humboldt State University

  • Water harvesting and permaculture hands-on instruction for George Washington University Alternative winter break program at Plenitud, Puerto Rico

  • Design and facilitate water harvesting curriculum for workforce development trainings for Los Angeles Conservation Corps

  • Permaculture Design Certification course lead instructor, Westminster Woods, CA

  • Residential site manager for Sunrise Ridge Gardens, a 7-acre permaculture site with lavender and mixed fruit orchard market gardens in West Sonoma county, CA

  • Participant at the International Permaculture Convergence 11 in Cuba

  • Consultant for John Todd Ecological Design on prototype Eco-machine to clean up crude oil spill, MA

  • Extensive consultation, design, training, and implementation of water harvesting, watershed restoration, and permaculture

View Jeff's resume here (PDF)

Jeff currently lives in Moab, UT and travels regularly to share his knowledge and experience.-build